Supreme Vape Pen

Supreme Vape Pens have plenty of delicious vape pen flavours available that make it easy for new vape users to get used to the feel of vaping cannabis. Their range of flavours include pineapple, fruit punch, and even watermelon!

Supreme Vape pens deliver you more of a fruity, less potent flavor. They still provide you with a direct THC hit in the form of a distillate, which is a translucent oil that is extracted and formulated directly from the cannabis plant.

Embrace the potent effects of a Supreme Vape Pen while you relax at home or meet up with friends on the weekend. Their disposable vape pens provide not only potent effects, but they are also crafted with beautifully infused flavor notes to enhance your overall experience. Thanks to their incredible extraction technique, Supreme Vape Pen has perfected the art of their cannabis distillate production. Their Vape Pens are incredibly versatile and provide users with an excellent vaping experience.