Moonshine Extracts

Moonshine Extracts is a specialty cannabis product that creates unique THC gummies and distillates. Their unique extraction process allows Moonshine to get the best quality cannabis components for their range of incredible products. By using the highest quality of natural flavours and finest cannabis flower extracts, Canada has quickly fallen in love with Moonshine Extract products.

From hybrids to Indica and Sativa shatters, Moonshine Extracts take the effects of cannabis to new heights. Whether you are looking for a potent high that leaves you relaxed in your couch, or an uplifting high with sparks of creativity, they will accommodate all desired experiences.

Embrace the potent effects of 
Moonshine Extracts while you relax with friends or go on a weekend adventure. Their gummies provide not only potent effects, but they are also crafted with beautifully infused flavor notes to enhance your overall experience. Thanks to their ingenious process of chilling and extracting from premium grade cannabis buds, Moonshine Extracts has perfected the art of THC gummy and distillate production, making them a cannabis brand to remember.