Liquid Extracts

Liquid Extracts is a premium cannabis brand located on the West Coast of Canada. They are experts when it comes to creating potent and flavorful shatter and cannabis products. Made with 100% AAA Nug Run, Liquid Extracts garuantee quality cannabis products every time.

From Hybrids to Indica and Sativa shatters, Liquid Extracts take the effects of cannabis to new heights. Whether you are looking for a potent high that leaves you relaxed in your couch, or an uplifting high with sparks of creativity, their selection can accommodate kinds of all desired experiences.

Embrace the potent effects of Liquid Extracts while you relax with friends or go on a weekend adventure. Their shatter provides not only potent effects, but they also produce beautiful aromas and infused flavor notes to enhance your overall experience. Thanks to their ingenious process of blasting and trimming premium grade cannabis buds, Liquid Extracts has perfected the art of extract production, making their shatter a product to remember.