Drip Extracts

Drip Extracts are a well-known cannabis product, famous for their potent yet wonderful effects. This Drip Concentrate delivers fantastic effects that leaves you feeling a combination of relaxation, happiness, and euphoria.

As a drip extract, their shatter products can be used for either daytime or nighttime use, providing you with a combination of incredibly potent effects. Watch a series of your favorite blockbuster movies or indulge in some new music as you relax into the deep sensations these Drip Concentrates deliver. They are a great social option to share with friends, or simply enjoy in your own free time.

Drip Concentrates uses a world-renowned standard to create their premium quality shatter. Using drip extract techniques to pull resin into sheets of hash, it gives their product a snap and pull texture. This allows for a firm yet subtle consistency that makes it easy for you to pull a dab from. The more terpenes present, the softer the extract will be to play with and use.